It felt as if I was alone in the world surrounded by darkness,

Nobody on my side to support me or to stand by me,

I searched in vain everywhere for the people in my life who always stood by me,

I had a strange nostalgic feeling sweeping through my heart and

It felt as though the whole hell had descended upon me,

I stood there, wondering how all the things had turned upside down,

A series of questions creeping up within me, shattering my peace of mind.

Why was I left alone by that one person whom i had loved with all my heart n soul?!

What happened that changed everything so abruptly?

How could i allow my world to come shattering down around me?!

My troubled mind and hurt heart, traveled down to the memory lanes.

I stood there, alone in the darkness, facing the reflection of myself, in the past.Image

I  was so happy, so full of energy, and completely satisfied with my own world.

But now, that world of mine, had turned into a torturous place from which I craved to escape.

Once being a fighter, had I  transformed into an escapist?

Why the positivity and optimism got drained out of me?

The things that I had once loved, seemed  meaningless to me.

The joy that I once felt had just turned into an everlasting sorrow.

my friends , my family , all those people whom i luved to be around with were nothing but a disturbance to me!

Once, my friends mattered to me a lot and I always felt ecstasy in their company.

But now I wanted to be alone…..alone with my hurt feelings, wonderful memories, my tears n my fears.

sihc-4once , me being a very outgoing person ….now was content to be in my own cocoon…..surrounded by the memories of that one person who left no stone unturned to destroy my heart.

I was tired of being hurt, being walked over….. It is said too much is too bad….

Same way…. too much of hurt just killed my heart, finished my ability to see any good around me, destroyed my belief in luv and hope…..

Above all it just distanced me from my life!

Then…..I changed.

I changed my self in order to save myself from this so called “true love”…..
Will I ever be loved again? Will I ever be able to luv again?!……
These are the questions which only time can answer……
My life as of now is just a never ending , lonely road……….