“Marriages are made in heaven”

What one doesn’t know is that , To make the marriage run smoothly …. Work is done right here on earth and it has to be done by us!!!

I for one am fed up with this whole idea of “soulmate” and ” perfect marriages” .
It seems no matter how much I try or how much I love…. It just isn’t done the ” right” way in the eyes of my life partner…. My husband. It is so hurting to see fingers being pointed at me despite of me doing my best.
Matters are worst when a kid of 2 yr old is involved. Life changes when one has kids and mine changed for the better. I get all the happiness from my dotty tat I fail to get from my husband and In laws. All her hugs, kisses just make my pain melt away.
I hope she just doesn’t stop loving me …..