## 19th April 2017
Thank u….

For all d love u have given 

For all d care u have shown

For all d lessons u have taught me…..

I’m only getting stronger, bolder n more independent minded.

Thank u for all that u have done for me for all these years! 
Yesterday you beat d crap out of me just on the pretext that I got angry on our kid and I gave her one tap on her shoulder ! 

My entire left hand , shoulder,neck n even left side of my back was hurting so bad, I couldn’t move my left hand at all! But never mind except for 1 sorry( which u didn’t even look at me while saying it). u drank your whisky to glory n slept off on the kitchen floor from yesterday afternoon till night. Didn’t bother a bit about my state. That’s not a surprise since u have always been like dis. U have always felt happy by hurting me. I would fail to see it before, blinded by my love towards you but not anymore. Now I can clearly see what a monster you are!

Despite of me trying to overcome the pain you have given me by fucking all those whores in all those countries over n over again for 15 times in 3 years, you treat me like this! 

Despite of me trying to pick up the broken pieces of my soul and move on with you , I’m beaten by you!

U know what – I think I’m done. I give up!

I’m not going to walk away from this marriage but if you miss your screwing around with those foreign whores you are free to walk away. I wont stop you , I won’t mourn you, I Won’t call u back…. not this time!