“Be happy, be strong my darling. Stay happy. And please forgive me I won’t be able to be there for you anymore. ” Michelle knows that her 5 year old daughter will b left all alone with a cheating father, an ailing grand mother and nobody else! Her mind is screaming out to her” Don’t do this…look at your child, she needs you! ” but her heart has the supremacy right now at this weak moment. Michelle’s heart is aching so bad that she wants it to stop beating …forever! 

Michelle looks up at the ceiling – a strong rope with an amateur type of knot forming a noose is dangling from the ceiling fan. The table is already set at the right place . She climbs the table,checks the knots and tries to tighten them just to be doubly sure , then Michelle puts her head in the noose and looks down at her daughter. Her tiny tot is gazing back at her innocently not understanding why her mom is crying and doing such weird stuff. It was scaring the hell out of her. “Mom please don’t cry. What are you doing? Why are you on the table with that rope around your neck ?” Michelle doesn’t know what to say. She musters all that is left in her and decides to be direct ” I’m going very far far away my luv, I’m going to die sweetheart” As soon as her words were registered in the little ones mind the look of bewilderment vanished and was replaced by sheer panic and hurt. Michelle knew she has to do this now or else she won’t be able to do it again….. ever! And she would end up suffering all through her life due to her husbands torture , all the abuses, cheating ,beating etc etc. So she quickly closes her eyes and says “I love you sweety … always …forever ” and kicks the table off! To her surprise nothing happens….. she looks down with tears dropping to the ground and Michelle sees her little daughter holding onto the tiny table with all her strength. “Mom please don’t die, I love you , please don’t leave me and go, I’m sorry if I have made you feel unloved . I really really love you a lot please come down Mom please!”she says desperately trying to keep the table in its position with one hand and stretching out her other little hand for her mother to reach.Tears are rolling down her face over her neck but she is not budging from her place lest she looses her mom! “Mummy please!” 

Michelle looks into her daughters eyes and she sees love, resilience, fear all at the same time. She quickly removes the noose from her neck, gets down from the table and hugs her daughter ” sorry my sweety please forgive me !” To which the tiny one says ” only if you promise me you will never leave me again …ever. Promise?!” Michelle promises….

That day, that moment Michelle understood that there can be no love greater than your child’s love , no strength greater than your child’s  will power and no truth truer than your child’s honest look in the eye!