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20th April 2017

“Be happy, be strong my darling. Stay happy. And please forgive me I won’t be able to be there for you anymore. ” Michelle knows that her 5 year old daughter will b left all alone with a cheating father, an ailing grand mother and nobody else! Her mind is screaming out to her” Don’t do this…look at your child, she needs you! ” but her heart has the supremacy right now at this weak moment. Michelle’s heart is aching so bad that she wants it to stop beating …forever! 

Michelle looks up at the ceiling – a strong rope with an amateur type of knot forming a noose is dangling from the ceiling fan. The table is already set at the right place . She climbs the table,checks the knots and tries to tighten them just to be doubly sure , then Michelle puts her head in the noose and looks down at her daughter. Her tiny tot is gazing back at her innocently not understanding why her mom is crying and doing such weird stuff. It was scaring the hell out of her. “Mom please don’t cry. What are you doing? Why are you on the table with that rope around your neck ?” Michelle doesn’t know what to say. She musters all that is left in her and decides to be direct ” I’m going very far far away my luv, I’m going to die sweetheart” As soon as her words were registered in the little ones mind the look of bewilderment vanished and was replaced by sheer panic and hurt. Michelle knew she has to do this now or else she won’t be able to do it again….. ever! And she would end up suffering all through her life due to her husbands torture , all the abuses, cheating ,beating etc etc. So she quickly closes her eyes and says “I love you sweety … always …forever ” and kicks the table off! To her surprise nothing happens….. she looks down with tears dropping to the ground and Michelle sees her little daughter holding onto the tiny table with all her strength. “Mom please don’t die, I love you , please don’t leave me and go, I’m sorry if I have made you feel unloved . I really really love you a lot please come down Mom please!”she says desperately trying to keep the table in its position with one hand and stretching out her other little hand for her mother to reach.Tears are rolling down her face over her neck but she is not budging from her place lest she looses her mom! “Mummy please!” 

Michelle looks into her daughters eyes and she sees love, resilience, fear all at the same time. She quickly removes the noose from her neck, gets down from the table and hugs her daughter ” sorry my sweety please forgive me !” To which the tiny one says ” only if you promise me you will never leave me again …ever. Promise?!” Michelle promises….

That day, that moment Michelle understood that there can be no love greater than your child’s love , no strength greater than your child’s  will power and no truth truer than your child’s honest look in the eye!


## 19th April 2017
Thank u….

For all d love u have given 

For all d care u have shown

For all d lessons u have taught me…..

I’m only getting stronger, bolder n more independent minded.

Thank u for all that u have done for me for all these years! 
Yesterday you beat d crap out of me just on the pretext that I got angry on our kid and I gave her one tap on her shoulder ! 

My entire left hand , shoulder,neck n even left side of my back was hurting so bad, I couldn’t move my left hand at all! But never mind except for 1 sorry( which u didn’t even look at me while saying it). u drank your whisky to glory n slept off on the kitchen floor from yesterday afternoon till night. Didn’t bother a bit about my state. That’s not a surprise since u have always been like dis. U have always felt happy by hurting me. I would fail to see it before, blinded by my love towards you but not anymore. Now I can clearly see what a monster you are!

Despite of me trying to overcome the pain you have given me by fucking all those whores in all those countries over n over again for 15 times in 3 years, you treat me like this! 

Despite of me trying to pick up the broken pieces of my soul and move on with you , I’m beaten by you!

U know what – I think I’m done. I give up!

I’m not going to walk away from this marriage but if you miss your screwing around with those foreign whores you are free to walk away. I wont stop you , I won’t mourn you, I Won’t call u back…. not this time!

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It felt as if I was alone in the world surrounded by darkness,

Nobody on my side to support me or to stand by me,

I searched in vain everywhere for the people in my life who always stood by me,

I had a strange nostalgic feeling sweeping through my heart and

It felt as though the whole hell had descended upon me,

I stood there, wondering how all the things had turned upside down,

A series of questions creeping up within me, shattering my peace of mind.

Why was I left alone by that one person whom i had loved with all my heart n soul?!

What happened that changed everything so abruptly?

How could i allow my world to come shattering down around me?!

My troubled mind and hurt heart, traveled down to the memory lanes.

I stood there, alone in the darkness, facing the reflection of myself, in the past.Image

I  was so happy, so full of energy, and completely satisfied with my own world.

But now, that world of mine, had turned into a torturous place from which I craved to escape.

Once being a fighter, had I  transformed into an escapist?

Why the positivity and optimism got drained out of me?

The things that I had once loved, seemed  meaningless to me.

The joy that I once felt had just turned into an everlasting sorrow.

my friends , my family , all those people whom i luved to be around with were nothing but a disturbance to me!

Once, my friends mattered to me a lot and I always felt ecstasy in their company.

But now I wanted to be alone…..alone with my hurt feelings, wonderful memories, my tears n my fears.

sihc-4once , me being a very outgoing person ….now was content to be in my own cocoon…..surrounded by the memories of that one person who left no stone unturned to destroy my heart.

I was tired of being hurt, being walked over….. It is said too much is too bad….

Same way…. too much of hurt just killed my heart, finished my ability to see any good around me, destroyed my belief in luv and hope…..

Above all it just distanced me from my life!

Then…..I changed.

I changed my self in order to save myself from this so called “true love”…..
Will I ever be loved again? Will I ever be able to luv again?!……
These are the questions which only time can answer……
My life as of now is just a never ending , lonely road……….

My question

I was wondering about what is that one singular thing that is “The” most important for me in my life….and this is how this post has come up.

ImageWe all want many things in life.And almost all those things are essential for our survival. but do we really need all those? What is the most important thing in your life?

  1.  Money
  2.  Love
  3.  Looks
  4.  career
  5.  Family
  6.  Food
  7.  Peace
  8.  Friendships
  9.  Status in the society

Pour in your answers…..

love has its own way of bringing bright sunlight when your heart is plunged into darkness

love has its own way of bringing smile to your lips when you have tears rolling down your cheeks

love has its own way of brightening up your path when the path that you thread is barren

love has its own way of bringing companionship when you are walking alone…

When everything around you seems dark,love has its own way of showing you the stars

When everything around you goes wrong, love has its own way of setting things right

When everything around you collapses, love has its own way of lifting u up above all the rubble

When everything around you seems devoid of faith,hope,love has its own of giving u hope…..

 When you have just lost the strength to move on in your life…love has its own way of urging you to go ahead

When you completely feel lost, love has its own way of showing you the path

When ever you are alone , love has its own way not to make you feel lonely

When you find yourself hit the rock bottom in your life, love has its own way to save you from being destroyed …

Love is a life saver…no matter what!

 Love is what can make a heart beat skip

love is what can make us smile in our sleep

Love is what can swoop us off our feet

love is what can make us hear our own heart beat

Love is wonderfull, beautifull and heavenly!

love is what we all need very so badly…


and the world is silent

My morning usually starts with a hot cup of black coffee n yoga which blends in with me watching the news, and im usually in an relaxed mood every single morning.But on this particular morning im in shock and helpless rage at what i watched on the news channel. Well , this particular news segment was about the communal riots in burma….riots between the muslims and the monks.the videos showed horrific incidents of the riots which shook the very me and had me thinking what has the world come to? what world are we leaving behind for our kids to live on?its terrible.

The first horrific visual was of a group of people burned down a single man.. i would rather say charred him completely…on camera and none were ready to give him any aide even after discovering that he was still alive.The dialogues were translated into the english subtitles in the videos where one man says”give him some water..he is alive”.  ” No water for him…let him die” says the other man brandishing a machete!


The second shocking incident was of a mob of hundreds budhists attack a small colony of Muslims  drag a young Muslim man who was fleeing to save his life and was just cold bloodily hacked to death in broad daylight…in front of the cameras..with their faces clearly and completely visible!


Burma…the land of Buddha…the land of Healing monks…once the land of peace , love and tranquility is now on fire!!! there is no more healing there…its only blood and murder. And all this because of a petty argument between a shop keeper and a muslim.


How do we expect our kids to grow safely and happily in a world where humanity has gone for a walk? How do our kids learn to give and love with so much of hatred surrounding us…….How do we keep our sanctity and how do we tell our little ones that the world is a better place for them?!





There are moments in life when you miss someone so much that you just want to pick them from your dreams and hug them for real!!!!!
tats how much i miss u most of the times!!!!!
When the door of happiness closes, another opens;but often we look so long at the closed door that we don’t see the one which has been opened for us.
Don’t go for looks; they can deceive.
Don’t go for wealth; even that fades away.
Go for someone who makes you smile,because it takes only a smile to make a dark day seem bright.
And u very well do tat time and again rite 4m the time ive known u………….
I hope tat Find the one that makes your heart warm.
Dream what you want to dream;go where you want to go;
be what you want to be,because you have only one life and one chance to do all the things you want to do.
May you have enough happiness to make you sweet,enough trials to make you strong,enough sorrow to keep you human and enough hope to make you happy.
The happiest of people don’t necessarily have the best of everything;they just make the most of
everything that comes along their way.
The brightest future will always be based on a forgotten past;you can’t go forward in life until you let go of your past failures and heartaches. U r the 1 who made me realise this……!!!
When you were born, you were crying and everyone around you was smiling……….
Live your life so at the end,you’re the one who is smiling and everyone around you is crying.