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Ecollagen  3D+ Whitening Intensive Mask


Like all other whitening products in the market, this product too does the same…..lightens your skin tone.But unlike the “masks” this one doesnt dry out.You will have to leave it on for the stipulated time period and wash it off.


ecollagen intensive whitening mask

  • instant lightening of the skin.
  • evens out the skin.
  • pores appear to be smaller
  • improves the skin texture.


  • not suitable for oily skin…its an absolute No-No.
  • Leaves a greasy effect after washing off.
  • Best suited for dry skin.
  • The effect doesnt last long.

Look out for more reviews on more products in my next post!!


oriflame ‘n’ me

ImageRoyal Velvet Radiance Powder Scrub


Unlike other scrubs (that I have used) this scrub is in the form of a white powder(loose).It magically melts away when comes in contact with water making your scrubbing regime a very pleasant and beneficial one.

Usually it is adviced to mix it in water and then use it as a scrub. But what I would suggest is to wet your face and neck , take the required amount in your palm , mix it in a drop or two of water and start your scrubbing ritual. You will find that as you are scrubbing the particles of this scrub wil begin to grow smaller !!! You need to stop just a min after the scrub has dissolved completely…wash off and discover an entirely new ,radiant n beautifull you!!!


  • Instantly smoothens out the skin.
  • Provides excellent radiance instantaneously.
  • The effect lasts for minimum two days.
  • Evens out the skin tone and your skin is more clear.


  • The only downside of this product is the pricing…..its a bit on the higher side.